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Video Research International (Thailand) Ltd. Is a subsidiary of Video Research Ltd. Japan. Which is Well known as the largest media & marketing research firm in Japan. We provide our proven research Methodologies to assure our clients’ returns on their marketing investment thought 40 years experience.

In Thailand, we position ourselves to be one of the best media & marketing research companies. Our Clients include several multinational companies (MNC), and major advertising and manufacturing companies. We are not only market research ,but also have our own original research knowhow as “Syndicated market research” products and services .Which aims to develop the integrating media data and marketing data for support marketers and media planners to understand the essence of consumer experience and identify consumer insights with the fastest response by “Click”. For "Custom research", we had several experience both qualitative and quantitative research. Industry coverage includes FMCG products, Automobile, Information Technology, Advertising industry, Telecommunication, Government agencies ,etc.

Our Business domain.

   - TV Audience Measurement Business
   - Media Measurement Business related to Radio/Newspaper
      /Magazine/Out-of-Home Media/Internet
   - Advertising Statistic Business
   - Focus Research Business.
   - Online panel Statistic Business
   - Syndicated Market Research Business
   - Custom Research Business
   - International Operation.


1. Excellent moderator
We have Moderators in-house & freelancers and will arrange to coordinate the most suitable moderator depending on the target and survey objective.

2. Abundant knowhow
We will conduct various research methodology such as projecting method, laddering, etc.

3. Syndicated databases to support analysis
Combining our syndicated database such as T-Cube, we will provide more sterically-controlled analysis.

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